Projects Old and New (And a few Ideas)


The Very first wad I created.Set inside of a Vault like on Fallout.Never finished it,maybe I'll pick it back up as a single level wad.(I couldn't Find the pics,I'll post them when I find them on Doomworld)

Redstar:A Wolfenstien Adventure

A wad that I released back in August 08.It was almost complete but suffered from various problems.I was still very new to mapping.It featured a few of my own sprite alterations like the Black uniformed SS officer,Nazi Flamenwaffer,and a Nazi Medic.It was done Oldschool so you had to drag and drop the wad with the Dehacked patch.It put you in the shoes of a Russian POW named Yuri Stukov who's mission was to discover secret plans to the project called Reichhammer.

ZRedstar-Redstar Revamped

This is an effort to keep the whole Redstar Idea alive.Booting out the dehacked and starting to use decorate.Maybe I can provide a Wolf 3d experience that everyone has been hoping for!

Atherius (Beta 1 Unrealeased;Play Atherius for Skulltag it's the same thing)

Originally supposed to be a single level map called UAC Powerplant #683.It quickly developed into a full blown project due to the sheer size of the map.

Atherius (Beta 2;Skulltag)

This is what Atherius changed into,Converted to Hexen format and runable through skulltag.The reason I chose skulltag is because of the additional enemies and weapons that were available.The first level spanned over 4 combined levels.But upon completion I discovered a list of errors that would cause me to say fuck it and restart from scratch.

The Atherus Project (GZDOOM)

While editing Beta 2 I discovered that Mirror linedefs and skyboxes were not supported.This coupled with the fact that there was a list of errors that would make one cry made me decide to go with GZdoom.Hopefully It will be complete by November or December.

INSOMNIA!!!(Inspired by Megawad in 2 weeks)

I played through the Original Megawad in 2 weeks project and I thought the guy did a bang up job on the wad.SO I decided to see if I can come up with a megawad in two weeks.So I've only got 2 levels done...It might turn out to be a megawad in 3 weeks project...I named it Insomnia cause I usually stay up til 3 or 4  in the morning working on it or trying to generate new idea's for it.