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Ok I'll tell you a story.

Back in 5th grade I started playing D&D 1st edition as a DM.I made a world that I have been adding onto ever since then.About 5 or 6 years ago I spent one month writing up a timeline.But during the move back home I lost it along the way.So I lost alot of history,so I have to rewrite everything from scratch.

Entarmea Map

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Q:What is Empire:The Elderlands about?
A:It is going to be a mod for GZdoom,mainly taking influences from the games Daggerfall and Witchaven.
Q:Did you steal the whole Elder title from TES?
A:No, The answer to this is simple and delves into the backstory for the continent that the event's take place on.Though I did get some of my inspiration from TES lore and a bit from LOTR lore.The Elderlands is a continent located near the equator of Entarmea.It houses 4 Kingdoms;Thade is located on the northern tip of the island,Esta rests below it.Hauganes is a harsh wilderness inhabited by Barbarian's and Ranger's.Below Hauganes lies the desert kingdom of Sunscar.
The Elderlands is known as the cradle of mankind.From this land came the peoples of the continents of Aughisend and Verathon.Esta was the first human kingdom,it was founded by Sentis Bonewind.The Bonewind Dynasty ruled until the end of the Yearlong War when the Ravenclaw family dethroned King Bonewind III.
Q:Sounds interesting,what about the story?
A:Well,that's still under construction.So far I've made it where the main character sailed north to Draconia to help put down a potential revolution.When you return you find out that Ezel Ravenclaw has been crowned king and many of the Bonewind supporters that refused to swear feality to Ravenclaw where executed,including your parents.This is the story so far but I'm thinking about making it more freeform so that way people can come up with their own backstories if they want to.
Q:Any features to name yet?
A:Not yet,the only thing I have to show for the project is the Orc sprite located on the Concept Art & Sprites page.It will utilize leveling up and skills though,Pouncing Ant offered his help and hopefully once I have more to show people might help scripting wise since I'm faily new to that.I'm keeping my eye on Nash's Inventory screen progress as well in hopes that maybe I can figure out how I would implement that,if I can't figure it out I'll more than likely stick with just the basics.
Q:You said that the game is influenced by Daggerfall and Witchaven,can you elaborate on that?
A:Yes,It will involve a whole kingdom to explore and multiple cities and dungeons to visit(ala Daggerfall) but it won't feature Guilds to join unless I get some help with that.The witchaven influence is the hack and slash feel.That's all I can think of right now in that department.