October 07 2008

Here's an Update on things that I've accomplished...

1.Chaingun Replaced with the Rifle from the Mutiny.wad
2.Doom 3 Machinegun added,now with manlier sounds...it's fucking loud.
3.2 secret weapons from Daniel's Arsenal Wad.
4.New Titlepic and Title Music(Painkiller Main Menu Music)
5.Civilian Zombie loaded up with Decorate file...In the process of recoloring him.
6.Soul Harvester Alteration gave birth to the Fleshwalker...a bony zombie with a craving for flesh.
7.Chaingun Marine replaced with Zombie Marine.
8.New Pistol,Shotgun,and Supershotty sounds(Thanks to Kinsie's Doom Enhanced Mod)
9.Nashgore Mod(Thanks Nash)

Map Info
Map01:Abandoned Alpha Base(100%)
HUB01:Atherius Base(100%,besides a few decorative touches)
Map03:Maintainence Tunnels (15%)
Map04:Black Chasm (5%)

October 10th 2008

Goddamn Perfectionist!!!

Last night I did alot of work on the Maintainence tunnels just to decide the whole thing wasn't to my liking and I started over.I can't help it...I'm a perfectionist.That and it had too many similarities to the fetid mines map.

New Sprites on the Horizon,Downloads available soon for the following:
Doom 3 Bony Zombie
KSZ-Dragon Plasma Shotgun
P-03 Zeus discharge Rifle
UAA Molecular Distabilizer
Pit Lord
Plauge Bearer
Probably Zombie variations as well

Hatemail Forums are ready,Kinda

October 15 2008

Finished First sprite rotation for the Boney Zombie;needs to be recolored.
Deleted the Hatemail forums page,stupid Idea
Realized that I was a month behind on these dates and Changed it.
Still working on Map 03

October 21 2008

Recolored Boney Zombie,Still needs some work.
A little over a quarter of the way done with map 03,worked on the little details this weekend.
New Screenshots,Below.

October 23 2008

The Wall

Still working on map 03.I've hit a block and I can't seen to think of a good look for the Water Treatment and Air purification area of the Maintainance Tunnels.This might mean that the projects realease date will be pushed back.
Hell,Eternal Doom took 3 years (?) to complete...Don't rush me assholes lol.

Oh yeah,and today is me and my womans 4th month anniversary

October 28 2008

Slow and Steady

I'm starting to slowly get Idea's,though I've been playing more STALKER and Call of Cthulhu than mapping.Right now I've got an Idea for the hallway that leads to the Water Treatment and Air Purification area.But like I said the Idea's are coming slowly,I might start making some kind of random map to generate some ideas.

November 5 2008


I'm burnt out on doom,and I'm gonna take a month or two to recharge and work on it again at the beginning of 2009.It sucks but I've been working on Atherius since May and I just need to play/work on other projects that aren't doom related.So yeah,After my Hiadas I'll return and continue work on the project.

December 10 2008

The Gears of War

Recently my Comp got attacked by the Win32/Heur virus after trying to update my video drivers.So I formatted and lost Doombuilder and all the editing shit I use for doom.But Atherius was saved.I'm getting the last bit of files needed to start editing again.I've also got some announcements in the Lineup of projects I've got planned.

Atherius Project
The UAC have screwed up again,threatening the new human homeworld of Octavius.Can you survive long enough to warn the EDF of the dangers that lie in wait on the volcanic planet of Prospera?
-Hub level Set up
-In Depth Storyline
-Become the hunted,when you are hunted by ruthless UAC Black Op's
-Uncover the conspiracy that has roots so deep they date back to the first Gate incident
-Takes place more than 2 centuries after Doom 2
-Mentally taxing;experience madness firsthand as you see the horrors of the base.
-Upgrade health,armor and ammo capacity using Nanotech

On the remote moon base of Sentinel a Mining crew breaks a mysterious seal that unleashes an ancient evil that consumes the moon in blood and fire.Your mission;Escape the moon base alive or make the ultimate Sacrifice...
-The prequel to Atherius Project
-Explains how the Outbreak on Sentinel caused the Quarintine of the Forward Base on Prospera.
-Mini Wad
-2 different Endings

You escaped Prospera only to find yourself on the Iceworld Anarkis located on the Southern fringe of the Heavens Gate System.You must brave the elements and find a way off the planet.You know finding your way off the planet is just the start of your troubles though...
-The Final Installment of the Atherius Series (Maybe)
-Join the epic seige on Octavius and fight alongside your comrades in bloody battle!
-Hunt down UAC operatives as the Witchunt begins!
-Engage in space combat as you board the UAC warship; "The Fafnir"

Wolfenstein-The Red Star
You take the role of a Russian soldier named Stukov.Your mission was to infiltrate a Nazi compound and obtain the documents concerning Project:Reichammer.But you and your comrades were captured and taken prisoner.One after another your friends were interrogated and killed,and now it's your turn.Hours go by and you are questioned over and over again,but finally you see your chance and you place a well aimed boot in the face of your nazi interregators face.Snatching his gun you turn to see another german gaurd reach for his luger...
-15 levels(3 hubs,12 levels)
-Russian and german ww2 era weaponry
-Mission Objectives
-Fight your way through levels made in the true Wolf 3d style combined with the power of the Zdoom engine!(Floor over Floor,Deep Water and weather effects,Fog,etc)
-Discover the plans of the 3rd Reich to turn the tide of war in the east!

STALKER-Zonestorm(Still under consideration,If it can't be done I can start editing for stalker too)
You play the part of the STALKER known as Rook as you trek through the Contaminated and Mutant infested Zone.Your brother left for the zone 2 years ago and he hasn't been heard from since.So you decide to hop the fence to search for him.Can Rook locate his brother or will he just be another soul devoured by the Zone?
-The Full Zone...no more area's just left blank.The Zone is open for you to explore!
-Includes Area's from Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky including a few additional ones(Limansk,Swamps,Deadwood,Rostok,Green Valley,Pripyat Underground,Bar Underground,Mountain Canyon,No Abandonded hospital...it was to linear)
-Watch as Factions lose and Gain Territory
-Day and Night transitions
-Survive!Eat and Sleep!

January 5th 2009

Fuck I missed the New years eve post...oh well I was at home that day anyways.I started working on Insomnia and put Atherius on the backburner(Seriously considering redoing map 3)so far I've got 2 levels for Insomnia and started on level 3 last night.Hopefully I can finish it in time so it will keep the whole Megawad in 2 weeks title.If not it might end up being megawad in 3 weeks.

January 7th 2009

Well Insomnia Might end up being a Megawad in one month instead of two weeks.I'm such a fucking stickler for detail and all that crap.I'm about a quarter of the way through map 03 right now.

January 9th 2009

I'm tired as hell...I stayed up til 4 last night working on map 3.I got some Screenshots too...

Oh and one more thing,be sure to watch for my map that I'm contributing to the Super mario bro's deathmatch.It will be my first released DM map so hopefully it won't suck too bad.It's underwater themed as well. :)

I'm gone for the weekend to work on more ZDoom goodness.Until monday,don't do anything that would get you arrested by authorities.That includes public nudity.


January 13 2009

FUCKING LAZY is my new title...Fucking lazy James Redmond

Yeah,Lazy as hell.I worked on Insomnia a little Friday night (Couldn't make up my mind on how to do one area) and saturday night (Closed off previous area and failed to start on next but I'm streaming with Ideas!) I am a lazy fuck!I have some Idea's for the next map though. I'm gonna call it Miasma...hell's yes.It will pretty much be an abandonded town with a dock and whatever the hell else I can come up with.I can't remember what I got caught up in last night though...I think It was me looking through all my unlabled CD's and labeling them.

January 14 2009

January 16 2009

January 19 2009

What did my weekend encompass???

Played Doom,Got a nosebleed,Moved an entertainment center,bed and couch up the stairs...and finished Map 03 Vile Contamination!!!!Pictures below!

January 20 2009

Well I have 3 days left until Insomnia comes out...and that means I have to come out with 6 more maps by friday...or else it will become a Megawad in 2 and a half weeks or something...anyways heres some new pics of Map 04 Miasma.

January 28 2009

You may be asking "Where's the wad?" and I would have to resond with "I'm working on it!".I'm still working on map 04.I've completed about 25% of the map so far,and it's looking good so far.So It's no longer a Megawad in 2 weeks it's just a megawad.I've also been working on a baddie for the sequel for Insomnia,The Doom Chronicles.Here's the details...
If you have ever played the oldschool game called Doom Troopers for the SNES/Genesis you would either say "That game sucked" or " that game was pretty cool" well It's not a TC but I have included a new enemy into the line up.The Mutant Trooper...it's looking good so far and I've based it off of this Mutant from the Mutant Chronicles;Warzone game.It will still only have 10 levels...but I set it up like the levels off of Doom troopers.
2 missions per planet...1 boss at the end of each 2nd level.

January 29th 2009

Between Brothers

Jake:What have you been up to?
James:Not much,working a little bit on the project,playing Morrowind again...dicking around more or less.
Jake:You're still not done with Insomnia?
James:No,I hit a bit of a block.I'm not sure what the hell happened,the Idea's just stop flowing.I'm thinking about deleting the new area on the map.
Jake:Are you done with that Mutant Trooper yet?
Jake:Lazy Fucker
James:I know
Jake:Then why not work on it tonight?
James:I will a bit,I've been working on it for like an hour a night for a week.Each time I do little bullshit things.
Jake:Maybe you should have done something with more of an Oldschool feel and not this Detail Whoring you've been doing.
James:Fuck you alright?Damn,I'm working on it!

February 10 2009

Insomnia isn't dead yet.I've just had an off week,dealing with life and such.But unlike alot of mappers who say "I'm retiring due to life and work" I don't let that get in the way of my favorite pastime!More pictures coming your way!!!