About me

Name:James Redmond
Current Locale:Henerson Tn
Other Alias':Haloless0320 on Doomworld
Captain Proof on Zdoom Forums
Venture Bro's
Family Guy
The Simpsons
American Dad
Billy and Mandy
Movies:Reservoir Dogs
Boondock Saints
Hot Fuzz
Any Zombie Movie
Evil Dead Trilogy
Why I got into Editing:Ages ago my dad purchased a program called Dzone and I asked him what it was for.He then responded and told me that it was so he could make his own levels.Making my own levels for one of my favorite games blew my mind.And from then on I longed to see my idea's come to life.A number of times I got into trouble for drawing out map's in class.I tried making levels a number of times over the years but I really never sat down and tried to create them.In 2007 I sat down one night at my computer,determined to make my first wad.The result was an ugly little piece of shit named Shelter.And soon thereafter I started on Redstar.I'm hoping that soon I'll be more of a benefit to the doom modding community.

If you need to get ahold of me contact me via email at jrredmo@hotmail.com or get on Zdoom Forums.