I'm still alive

Still taking a break from dooming.I've been playing alot of mount and blade.Go check out the Mount and Blade page if you want to know anything else.

EDIT:Nevermind...my website is being gay.I've been working on my custom faction for the Custom Settlements Mod.

Florida is Fucking hot

I'm back from my 5 day vacation...went to Orlando.I didnt even get to go see the damn beach,lame ass shit.

Insomnia Lives still!

I was supposed to have you a Wad right now but when I hit a wall I hit a BIG fucking wall.I will finish it,It just so happens I have cycles of game genre's.I go from FPS, to RPG, to Horror, and repeat.

When life gives you a bag of shit...

Well,last wednesday my grandfather passed away after a long hard fight with cancer.The funeral and everything is over but everyone is still pretty hurt  that their Grandfather/Dad/Brother/Friend passed away.So far I've had maybe a total of 4 hours of sleep in the last two days.I'm still trying to work past the mappers block but on top of the very truthful comment that I made to a fellow zdoomer(I told them,"Cities are wad killers for me.") I have to deal with the grief.

Still Chuggin' along...

Check the Dev-Log!4 new pics up of INSOMNIA!!! Map 03:Vile Contamination 


Still working on Insomnia,I'm putting up some new pics for everyone to enjoy. :)


Well I've started on Atherius again...well at least running everything through the approval process right now.But I have started on another project that was inspired by the Megawad in 2 weeks project.So I decided that I want to try it out.


I caught some damn stomach virus...I'm over the initial sickness but now I've gotta throbbing headache.Ughhhh....

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky and other shit...

I finally got Clear sky to work.After installing all of the updates (Which Deep Silver failed to mention the need to do this) from v. 10003 to v. 10007.It's a decent game and it has alot of stuff I wish Shadow of chernobyl had.But I still feel like it doesn't hold a torch to it's predecessor.

Also played a damn good wad named Cold as Hell that showed off some more  of ZDOOM's potential and gave me a few Idea's for that STALKER mod I wanted to do for Zdoom.Good job Johnny.

Long overdue Vacation

I'm taking a break from Atherius,but never fear.I will start on it again beginning sometime around Mid December or the first of January.I'm gonna take some time off to work on other projects and learn more about ZDoom so I can provide a great Zdoom Megawad.I'll continue to update the site every now and then.


Atherius Project

If you've been on Zdoom or Doomworld forums you might have ran across this project.Right now I've had to restart due to some complications but the newer product is looking great so far.I expect to be done with this by November.At first it started as one huge map...One huge map riddled by errors.So I erased the whole map and decided to try out a Hub styled map.Here's what I've come up with so far.


Map01:Abandonded Alpha Base (95% Done;needs a few things done to spruce it up)
Map02:Atherius Base:Entrance and Hub 1(95% Done;same as above)
Map03:Maintainence Tunnels(30%)
Map04:The Black Chasm(5%)
Map05:Atherius Front Desk to Junction
Map08:Storage/Shipping and Recieving
Map12:Landing Pads
Map13:Ship Maintainence
Map15:Fetid Mines
Map16:Juntion to Welcome Center
Map17:Residential Sector
Map18:Medical Sector
Map19:Welcome Center
Map21:Dig Site
Map22:The Chaotic Bastille
Map23:The Great Hall
Map24:Hell's Armory
Map26:The Great Hall
Map27:The Throne
Map28:Welcome Center to The Junction
Map29:Battlecruiser "UAC Longinus"
Map30:BattleCruiser "EDF Juggernaught"
Map32:Agoramoth's Spine
Map33:Agoramoth's Heart
Map34:Agoramoth's Brain